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In 1999, knowing that every Executive Search assignment has unique characteristics based on the needs and corporate culture of each client, we put our process to work and it has been proven successful time and time again.  Please review the steps we execute with every search assignment, then visit our Client List  to see the types of assignments we’ve completed.


How We Begin

We ask that you give us a detailed overview of your ideal candidate.   What kind of work experience (managerial, technical, etc.) should they have?  What duties will they be performing, what kind of environment will they be working in and what are your expectations for this position?   We ask about the potential for impacting the organization, room for growth, resources available and how success will be measured etc.? When we have a clear understanding of your criteria, and the opportunity that awaits the candidate, we begin the search.


Identifying Likely Candidates

This is where our industry expertise is put to work.  Please remember, there are very few search firms that have as much experience in the E-Commerce/Omni-Channel/Digital industry as we do. We use every resource available (online/ offline) to create a pool of qualified candidates that we will approach during the recruitment phase of the search.  Our most important resources are our extensive network of industry contacts and our confidential database of industry experts.


The Recruitment Phase

When interest is shown by a potential candidate, our recruitment professionals conduct in-depth interviews. In addition to gathering detailed work history, we explore personal issues that might affect the long term success of each placement such as relocation, trailing spouses or counter-offers. By anticipating and addressing as many potential hurdles as possible before the interviewing process begins, we are able to recruit the best possible individuals, both professionally and personally, for every assignment.


Interviews and Offers

When we have narrowed the field to a few leading candidates it’s time for you to meet them. We help schedule the interviews and after each meeting we debrief both the client and candidates. We look for not only the positives but the potential problems as well. We work closely to address all concerns. When a finalist has been selected we act as intermediaries to negotiate the details of the offer and complete the placement process.


Follow Up

When the candidate has accepted an offer we work with them through their resignation process and follow up with them to make sure the onboarding process has been successful. We then continue to build the relationship with them over the course of their careers.

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