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Active Searches:  Updated May, 2017.

Director, Ecommerce (OH)
Key skills needed include: Site Merchandising, Analytics, Digital Marketing, UX. 

Director, Business Intelligence, Direct Marketing (OH)

SVP Marketing – Multi-Channel (Mid-Atlantic)
VP Ecommerce/Digital Marketing (New England)
VP Creative Services – Multi-Channel (PA)

Director UX (Upper Midwest)
Director Digital Marketing (NYC)

Director Digital Marketing/Ecommerce (Southeast):

Reports to VP Marketing. Create strategies from a digital media perspective and be responsible for the development of an E-commerce strategy. Lead a team of 7 (direct/indirect) in developing comprehensive strategies to engage customers through digital channels and ensure alignment with strategic brands. Develop multi-channel marketing ideas and strategies that tie web, mobile, email, search, social and traditional advertising together to provide marketing solutions based on customer insight and data.


Recently Completed Assignments:

Chief Marketing Officer (Heartland) Filled

Director Digital Marketing Filled

VP Marketing (New England) Filled

Catalog Circulation Manager (Upper Midwest) Position Filled

Director of Retention (B-C, NYC):  Position Filled 11/2016

Vice President CRM (New England): Position Filled 12/2016

Vice President, Ecommerce (Houston): Assignment Completed 9/2016

Vice President, Merchandising (Upper Midwest): Assignment Completed 9/2016

Director of Circulation and Marketing (New England): Assignment Completed 9/2016

Director of CRM & Customer Analytics (Midwest): Assignment Completed 8/2016

Director of Digital Commerce (Chicago): Assignment Completed 8/2016

Director of Acquisition (B-C, NYC): Assignment Completed 7/2016 

National Sales Director (Upper Midwest): Assignment Completed 7/2016

eCommerce Product Manager:  B-C/B-B (Wisconsin): Assignment Completed 6/2016

Director of Digital Marketing: B-B (Wisconsin): Assignment Completed 6/2016

Director of Customer Marketing: B-B (Wisconsin): Assignment Completed 5/2016

SVP, Customer Retention Marketing and Analytics (NYC)

SVP, Marketing and Ecommerce (Massachusetts)

VP Ecommerce (Vermont)

VP Digital Ecommerce (Oregon)

VP Credit and Loyalty Marketing (New York)

VP CRM (Oregon)

Director, CRM and Customer Analytics (Kansas)

Director Online Marketing (Chicago suburb)

Director User Experience (Florida)

Director Ecommerce (Portland)

Web Analyst (Oregon)

Database Marketing Leader (Wisconsin)

Vice President, Digital Commerce  (Oregon)

Vice President, Ecommerce (Florida)

Vice President Marketing (Tennessee)

Director User Experience (Oregon)

Vice President Marketing (Indiana)

SVP Data Warehouse (New England)

Director Online Merchandising (Oregon)

VP, Direct and Database Marketing (Illinois)

Director Creative Services (Oregon)

Ecommerce Manager (Wisconsin)

Manager Digital & Interactive Media (North Carolina)

Manager New Customer Acquisition (Wisconsin)

Social Media Specialist (Oregon)

Partnership and Affiliate Manager (Oregon)

Director Digital Marketing (Pacific NW)

Director Product Development, Women’s Apparel (New England)

Manager, CRM Strategy and Analytics (Kansas)

Senior CRM Data Analyst (Kansas)

Ecommerce Director (Mid-West)

Digital Commerce Operations Manager (New England)

Circulation Manager (New England)

Online Merchandising Specialist (New England)

Senior Manager Ecommerce (Mid-Atlantic)

User Experience Manager (New Hampshire)

Director Paid Search (Mid- Atlantic)

Director Housefile Analysis (Boston)

Manager Housefile Analysis (Boston)

Director, Email and Web Analytics (Boston)

Director Database/ Circulation (OH)

Director Online Channel Management (Pennsylvania)

Director CRM (Boston)

EVP Web Marketing (New England)

Copy Chief (Mid-Atlantic)

Ecommerce Director (Midwest)

Director Searchandising “Endeca Specialist”(Southeast)

Director, Catalog / Ecommerce and Merchandising (Indiana)

Director Product Development and Sourcing (PA)

VP Marketing and Customer Strategy (Chicago)

Vice President Sales (Ohio)

User Experience Manager (Omaha)

Director Inventory Control (Boston)

Executive Creative Director (Catalyst)

Director Global Technology Marketing (Chicago)

VP, Marketing (Northeast)

Director Marketing (Midwest)

Director Ecommerce Marketing (NYC)

Director of Sales and Merchandising (PA)

Director, Ecommerce (Midwest)